Our Mission is to provide online interactive competency-based professional education in stress management for those using polychromatic light technology and therapeutics (PLT). Our intention is to train professional PLT practitioners and knowledgeable PLT owners and entrepreneurs.

Our Vision is to see polychromatic light technologies and therapeutics (PLT) safely and effectively used in all homes, health care and wellness settings. To enable this vision we have conceptualized a step-wise educational process based on our understanding of stress management, PLT, and the PLT community.

Our Belief Statement

Phase I  Education for PLT Owners and Entrepreneurs

Every new owner of a PLT system or a PLT technology entrepreneur must know the basics of this industry. The GETTING STARTED courses are designed  with this in mind.  Each course teaches fundamental aspects of stress management, PLT technology, and therapeutics.

Phase II  Education for PLT Owners and Entrepreneurs

The field of polychromatic light technology and therapeutics is rapidly becoming a bonified subspecialty of the healthcare industry. As such, we believe certification and licensing from fully accredited boards is critically important for practitioners and professional representatives of the industry. We’ve created a 225-hour CEU certification and licensing program knowing we are establishing the industry standard. It includes TECHNOLOGIES and THERAPEUTICS blended with a PRACTICUM, an INTERNSHIP and COACHING experience. We partnered with Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) for certification and with the Federation of Spiritual Healers License Board (FSHLB) for licensing.

We also believe this education must be provided by the very best instructors on the leading edge of light technologies utilizing the most advanced interactive online technology available.  As such, the founding instructors are certified in their respective fields including PLT technologies and therapeutics and the certification courses are offered in 3 formats for you to Learn It Your Way.

Phase III  Continuing Education Units (CEU) Courses

Certified professionals are life-long learners.  Maintaining Board certification status requires a certain number of continuing education units each year. Initial certification from NTCB is for one year. Starting with the second year and every year thereafter, re-certification requires completion of 20 CEUs per year. The guidelines set by NTCB suggest completion of 10 CEUs in light technologies and therapeutics and 10 CEUs in related topics.  As such, we are committed to providing ADVANCED LEARNING content to meet this requirement.

Phase IV  Specialist Certification Tracks

The Certification curriculum provides the foundation for PLT practitioners or business owners to evolve in their area of interest.  We are targeting Spring 2018 for the development and launch of Specialist Certifications. We envision these area specialties to include: stress management, pain management, wound care, brain health, traumatic brain injury, neuropathy, and athletic performance.


Lana J. Ford

  • Ph.D. in Neurocognitive Behavior
  • FAOTA – Fellow, American Occupational Therapy Association
  • Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Coach
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Instructor

As a pioneer in professional education, Lana Ford served as a graduate and undergraduate teaching faculty in the Occupational Therapy Department at six different universities. As the chairperson, she was the first to use distance teleconferencing to unite three campuses in west Texas. She was also the first to establish a graduate program in Holistic Occupational Therapy. As an advocate for licensing, Lana was instrumental in getting licensure established in 18 different states. Always an innovator, researcher and professional speaker, she introduced the idea of “intuitive reasoning” in the clinical decision-making process. After leaving academia she pursued private practice using biofeedback, sound, quantum technologies, and light therapeutics. For the past 7 years, she has been working with a variety of natural health practitioners to get them appropriately licensed and certified. Lana serves as the Program Director for Stress Management Coach – PLT certification and licensing.

Jody Mittiga

  • Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Adult Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified
  • Advanced Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing – Board Certified Naturopath
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Coach
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Instructor

Jody Mittiga is an adult nurse practitioner, trained in naturopathic health and a variety of health optimizing strategies. She specializes in palliative nursing and stress management. She is an engaging, dynamic and experienced facilitator and presenter on issues of palliative medicine, stress management, post-traumatic stress disorder, and light therapy. She has presented at venues ranging from the kitchen table to the national conference stage. She has been at the forefront of the polychromatic light therapy industry for nearly a decade and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation. Jody is committed to supporting a healthful re-entry for our Veterans into civilian life believing her blend of stress management using PLT will become the standard of care. Her light therapy presentations include a thorough review of current evidence supporting PLT interventions for pain reduction, circulation improvement, brain health, wound healing, and stress management.

Wesley Burwell

  • Certified Biofeedback Specialist
  • Licensed Spiritual Health Coach
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Coach
  • Certified Stress Management – PLT Instructor

Wesley James Andrew Burwell attended college in Ontario, Canada for Electronics Technology/ Technician. After years in the industrial/engineering field, he shifted his focus to alternative/ complementary medicine after a family relative developed cancer. Wes began his studies in energy medicine over 11 years ago, dealing with stress management and helping numerous clients return to health. Wes approaches energy medicine from the basis of electrical theory and physics and found they are intricately involved on a cellular level. Wes has mastered many types of energy medicine and has an amazing ability to integrate them not only in the clinic but in educating others. As a pioneer and expert in the science of polychromatic light technologies and therapeutics, Wes has toured extensively for the past 6 years as an international speaker. He has served as technical support/director for two different companies and helped design and develop new and innovative light therapy products.