Frequently Asked Questions

The SMCPLT Program

What makes this program unique?

  1. The curriculum blends stress management with polychromatic light therapeutics in a one of a kind training program.
  2. The program is uniquely designed to Learn It Your Way. You may complete the entire program online in the comfort of your home, attend live courses, or enroll in interactive telephonic courses.
  3. We focus on “competency based learning” which means you have ample opportunities to demonstrate what you are learning in live dialog with our instructors.
  4. We offer one seamless program allowing you to become both certified and licensed. Our certification program through Natural Therapies Certification Board™ is fully accredited by the American Accreditation Commission and recognized globally.
  5. The curriculum prepares you to specialize your practice in areas of interest like traumatic brain injury, neuropathy care, and athletic performance.
  6. The sequencing of our courses allows you to “pay as you go.”

Why should I take the Getting Started courses?

Getting Started courses are for anyone new to the polychromatic light industry.  They provide a solid introduction to the technology and the therapeutic aspects of low level polychromatic light therapy.

Why should I take the Advanced Learning courses?

The Advanced Learning courses are designed for several difference audiences:

  1. Practitioners seeking re-certification continuing education units (CEUs).
  2. PLT owners familiar with the scientific underpinnings of polychromatic light technology and therapeutics and hungry for more education.
  3. Licensed medical providers incorporating PLT into their practice.
  4. For those who are curious, however, a foundation in PLT allows you to get even more out of these courses.

Am I required to own a particular light devise in order to participate in this training?

No. Our intention is to certify and license professionals and lay persons interested in learning about and using polychromatic light technologies and therapeutics.

What is a CEU?

A CEU means Continuing Education Unit of instruction. In most cases, one hour of instruction is equal to one CEU. Other guidelines are used when determining contact hours for a practicum or internship.

Once certified, engaging in CEU courses throughout the year and accumulating a certain number of these credits is a requirement of professional certification boards to maintain certification status.

Can I take courses even if I don’t want licensing or certification?

Yes. Many users of polychromatic light technologies (PLT) just want more education. Some are curious, some really want to know how PLT works, other users may feel more knowledge will give them a deeper understanding of personal and/or family use.

Is there a specific order in taking classes for certification?

Yes.  We recommend this sequence of completion:

  1. Self Study Correspondence Courses
  2. Anatomy & Physiology (A & P) Course. NOTE: This must be completed before enrolling in the PLT Therapeutics Course.
  3. PLT Technologies Course
  4. Practicum
  5. PLT Therapeutics
  6. Internship
  7. Coaching Course

What is the difference between the practicum and the internship?

The Practicum is a hands-on experience using polychromatic light technologies (PLT).  It is timed early in your certification curriculum for you to begin building a solid understanding of your use of the informed consent, your ability to ascertain the health goals from family and friends, and the application of therapy pads to support those goals.

Timed at the end of the curriculum, the Internship is a highly individualized project you co-design with your SMCPLT instructor/mentor to demonstrate your competencies with the course materials in the career path of your choosing.

What do I gain by completing the SMCPLT Professional Studies curriculum?

Once you complete both the licensing and the certification course requirements, each respective Board will issue you an official certificate of completion.  This certificate is commonly framed for hanging on an office wall as evidence of professional status in this field.

You can call yourself a “licensed and certified Stress Management Coach with PLT”.  Many people abbreviate the title calling themselves a PLT trainer or a PLT practitioner.  Either way, you have nationally recognized evidence of having completed the highest level of training available in the PLT industry today.


Why is licensing important?

A license gives you the legal right to practice in your state, province or country. To be licensed requires that you are first certified in a select modality or technology. Upon completion of all requirements, you are able to apply for a license through the Federation of Spiritual Healers License Board.

What is the difference between certification and licensing?

Certification refers to the having met education standards with a specific technique, technology or modality.  Licensing is professional requirement specifically designed to protect the consumer and the certified practitioner.

A Certification Board sets the standards, develops the educational blueprint and offers Continuing Education Credits leading to certification in a specific technique, technology or modality.

A Licensing Board has an administrative function to protect those who are licensed and offers consumer assurance that those who are licensed are appropriately credentialed.

If I have a medical license do I need additional licensing?

If you are a licensed medical professional  (MD, NP, DC, PT, DO, OT, ST, ND) please check with your state board to make sure stress management coaching with light technologies and therapeutics is within your scope of practice.

According to the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB), the medical license to diagnose precludes the need to take the SMCPLT licensing courses.

If I have a massage therapy license do I need additional licensing?

Yes.  Stress management coaching with PLT is outside of the massage therapy scope of practice.  Therefore, its highly recommended to complete both certification and licensing with the SMCPLT program.


What does it mean to be a certified Stress Management Coach PLT?

Being certified as a Stress Management Coach in Polychromatic Light Technologies through Natural Therapies Certification Board means you have met the highest level of professional educational standards for this career path from a curriculum approved an accredited board.

Is certification through Natural Therapies Certification Board recognized internationally?

Yes.  Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) is fully recognized in all states in the USA and all countries worldwide who recognize USA credentialing.

Do I need to be certified to use light therapy in my practice?

Every health care profession has its “scope of practice” defined by its respective governing Board. If you are licensed, we suggest you query your Board to learn if light technologies and therapeutics are included in your scope of practice.

As a natural health practitioner, can I have multiple certifications?

Yes.  Certification indicates your level of competence with individual technologies and/or modalities.

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